Virtual Post-Discharge Navigation

Timely follow-up with our interdisciplinary team after discharge to ensure your patients navigate to their next step of care. Rely on smooth medical to community transitions.

Why Partner with Us?


Increase continuity of care with your providers.

An ensured touchpoint after discharge improves followup completion and reduces patient loss-to-followup.


Improve early identification of readmission risks.

Proactively addressing adverse events by leveraging our AI risk stratification tool prevents readmissions.


Ensure a smooth transition of care.

Count on a safe and complete transition from the medical home to the community home.

How it works

Connect your patients with Simbie for smooth transitions of care.

More Details

Step 1: Inform Simbie of discharged patients

We work with your institution to ensure the easiest patient hand-off.

Step 2: Simbie reaches out to patients within 2 days

We ensure a post-discharge virtual check-in within 14 days for navigation, education, and social needs interventions.

Step 3: See patients back at your institution

Reduce 30-day readmission rates, and see patients back at your institution for their required follow up care.



How much does the Simbie plaftorm cost?

It's free! Insurance is billed directly for improving transitions of care & quality at reduced cost, so your institution doesn't need to worry about payment.

What are the contractual obligations?

Simbie enters into a partnership with your institution under a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to comply with all HIPAA laws. The exact nature of the partnership is agreed upon both parties prior to program implementation.